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 ok, so just a very quick post about a little campsite I love! Easter weekend was pretty cool this year! We headed out of Cape Town and went east to Elands Bay for the weekend for a bit of camping, (surfing for the boys, gossip time for the girls) and downtime! Elands has two campsites, one on the beach, lots of sand and dust (this is clearly a boys surf trip kind of campsite) and then a few kilometers inland along the Elands vldi is Vensterklip. If you're looking for something a little more calm, still close to the sea and girl friendly then Vensterklip is your number one place. 

This is a good starting point for people who don't like camping or the idea of having a "camping experience", especially if you are a beginner and camping scares you. (be prepared and you will be fine no matter what the setting really). Hopefully this post will make you change your mind. Vensterklip offer really nice cottages if you really don't want to camp, but still have that rustic feel. Other facilities include an old barn that has been converted so if the weather is really bad you can still braai inside! Not to forget a bar, restaurant and pool (all still very rustic).

first time around we went in a big group for a new years and it was really awesome! But the wind was a little intense over that December. This time around we got perfect weather. No rain, pretty much no wind and nice warm mornings that helped with the winter chill. Nights are cold, so pack warm clothing! We also take enough food for the two nights/three days that we camp and simply use cooler boxes. There are two liquor stores in Elands and a little shop you can find pretty much all your necessities from veggies to shampoo.

As you can see our patio was pretty rocking! A nice little kitchen vibe with plugs, shelves, basin and plenty of place to store stuff. I didn't take a pic because it seemed a bit weird, but on the far end of the patio is a bathroom with a toilet, shower, basin and HOT water all housed neatly in a little closed off/roofed/walled/totally private section. You need to take all your own cutlery and crockery along, don't forget the sunlight soap and a washing up cloths, chopping boards and camping chairs!

If you are not convinced  that you need to book this rad little getaway (obviously not when its raining and freezing though) then hopefully this picture will convince ……..

S'Mores! Compliments of Jess sourcing biscuits, chocolate and marshmallows! This should be why you go camping just for this! Melted chocolate that we simply melted on the braai in the PACKET! Genius! then added to our toasted marshmallows and biscuits = totally overindulged ourselves. *bliss* If that isn't convincing then it really is a shame :( because this place is a gem, with so much rustic beauty around and some amazing sunsets that are followed by stories shared with friends over some amazing braai food, lots of laughs, playing rummikub, getting tips from the other couple on camping styles and techniques, drinking whiskey and generally just relaxing and having a really good time!

(boyfriend climbs wall to take sunset pic)

For more info about Vensterklip check out the website 

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