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I recently I noticed how ugly social media can be. Let me start out by saying I am not defending anyone or any blog or any tweet I am simply sharing how I feel. If you don't like it don't read it. Yes I have been guilty of the above and moaned about blogs or tweets with friends, sure who hasn't? But I certainly don't go around sub tweeting or "mentioning" certain people or posts that I didn't enjoy or like, with everyone on social media. To be honest I don't see the point.

No I am not defending myself and no its not something someone has or has not said, its simply  a case of seeing how people get support for knocking others or how often it seems to be happening. It is the same as bullying and its pretty ugly and nasty and you should never ever feel better about yourself for  it. Some things can be kept private and we don't ALL have to rant and be nasty.

If you don't like what someone says on twitter, Facebook, instagram, blogger whatever, then its pretty simple UNFOLLOW THEM / OR don't discuss it online, you wouldn't like it if someone did that to you. Surely we all have enough on our plates and shouldn't be spending a moment longer on such rubbish? 

Where I am at personally:

I blog about a variety of things that I like to blog about and share, not because I want something in return or because I need the attention. I kept journals and visual journals pretty much my whole life and this is simply a way for me to keep it up but without it having to be confined to a book that only I see. It helps me build confidence when it comes to researching, writing and exploring. Something comes my way and I like it and agree to it, great! If not also fine, I blog because I like to. I am still learning about it and making loads of mistakes as I go a long.

Instead of all stabbing each other in the back and been so ugly on social media to whoever, about whatever, maybe we all need to be a bit more supportive and get off our high horses? Not every blog will be tailored to you or what you like and want, when you find that great but in the mean time stop wasting so much time putting other people down, publicly!  Regardless of how annoying, unpleasant or upsetting you find them or their social media antics.

In general I do think people can be a lot kinder and a lot less full of it when showing a presence online. Everyone is human, no one is perfect. If someone gives you a compliment - respond to it, if you don't like a comment be savvy and honest in your response without sounding nasty and bitter. If you put yourself online I fully agree you must be prepared for the good, bad and the ugly fair enough. But maybe lets all try be a bit less catty and a little kinder. Or simply UNFOLLOW.

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  1. So true. Far too many people complain about blogs and bloggers mostly because of jealousy and sometimes just plain pettiness. I try to keep my head above it all mostly because my blog is for me and for my readers who email me and tell me the value a simple review can bring to their lives. Only focus on your blog for yourself and your true readers.

  2. Thanks Lovely and thank you for always helping and giving very good blogging advice :)

  3. Great post, Natalie! I agree with Abby's comment. When I started In My Bag, I experienced jealousy & nastiness from some peers, but I would never bitch about it on my social platforms - that just gives the haters more power. I think we'd all be far better off if we all just supported each other & shared the love! #justsaying