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Since the theme is honesty - I am totally horrendous when it comes it doing make-up. The only things I know how to use are moisturiser  BB cream, mascara and most recently an eyebrow brush. I am a failure it everything else. The result is always me looking like a total tranny after a night of heavy partying.

 Smokey-eye = Cannot see actual eyes only black smudgy mess. Fresh pink cheeks = Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Base=wrong colour, wrong shade, expensive and thick and and and and and and. The list is endless. it is not my strong point. BUT oh how I love it and love the idea of it. I am probably failing at some secret girl club basic life lessons here and I should know how to do all of this, as my mom has always got stunning make-up on. But me. Oh no, me and make-up struggle. But then came LUSH, the most beautiful place that smells and looks like a candy store. A place of dreams, easy convictions and treats that will make you happy - forever.

I spent some money last year on some 'fancy isn  products to help do a million things to make me look 'flawless'. They did not. They actually caused more break outs and felt like goo on my face. I am sure these products work wonders on other peoples skin but mine didn't. 

So I spoilt myself this year and got these two keepers. Looking for a highlighter or a way to brighten your skin? Hello lovely Lush Feeling Younger Skin Tint, it works, IT REALLY WORKS (well in my mind it does) I look shiny in a good, healthy way! Next, the Heart Bronzer - actually know as Black Stockings (weird) I use this on my cheeks and on my whole body and it smells amazing and it actually WORKS, this is by far the best bronzer I have ever come across and it blends like a total dream. I feel like I may actually be learning something about make-up and what works and does not work for me. If you're looking for two great products that don't cost a bomb = HELLO :)

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