by - 4:12:00 PM

So as I have mentioned about a million times... I am not allowed to exercise until I am fully recovered from this whole meningitis thing. Naturally I am came at the worst time. A time where I was super amped to get my summer body one! Now I have to put all that on hold. Naturally I think too much about it and stress about it, but most of all I just miss exercise. For the second time in my life I am not allowed to do something I love.

Is my body telling me to calm down and reassess the situation? It could be. Maybe I am not really concentration on my health and recovery and instead focusing on trying to get fitter and look more 'summer ready'. What I should be doing is focusing on healing myself and not pushing for the wrong things. As my boyfriend pointed out - it is not forever. I now feel when I can do yoga again, even though I will need to start from scratch, it will be an opportunity to really focused on yoga and have a more healing, holistic approach to it. I am basically getting a second chance to start over and this so it right :) (But I must at least meditate and work on that!)


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