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These are some personal lessons I have learnt lately. I like to share them, maybe they will help you too. When I say you, I really mean me in this list, Lol

  • Stop taking everything so personally
  • No need to be sensitive, it's not always about you (duh)
  • Don't lose faith in yourself. You would not have gotten this far in life if you were not hopeful
  • Don't expect answers from others, find your own
  • Strength comes from within. Really it does, not just a cool saying, you gotta dig deep!
  • Make proper time for people in your life, a call, a coffee, a face to face conversation 
  • Less stressing about things days away, more enjoying NOW
  • Make you time, pamper time, chill time
  • Don't let the past year stress and pain bring you down, its the past for a reason
  • Don't paint nails or eat chocolates on top of bed white bed linen. Never a good idea
  • Give others compliments on their achievements and take an interest in their hobbies and activities more
  • Be more considerate. Stress is universal 
  • Listen more speak less 
  • Don't be so petrified
  • Less phone time
  • Laugh and smile, it's all good :)
  • Gratitude and grace - always

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  1. It's so important to spend time with those you love. These are lessons everyone should be reminded of quite regularly. Great list, Natalie!

    Love from JHB

    Love from South Africa

    Arum Lilea