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On Friday morning we were on the road by 4am. Insane I know - the things boys do to surf. 
Beautiful sunrise and the open (no traffic) road are truly special and something different at that time of the morning. We headed up the east coast and spent the weekend in Jongensfontein, which is just a bit further along the coast once you go through Stilbaai. We were really fortunate to be invited to join friends Chris and Sanmari, who were going up to the house in Jongens for the long weekend. As you can see, lots of food was consumed! 
Braai's, beautiful views overlooking the sea, walks to the beach, schools of dolphins playing all day in the surf, sunsets, sea shells, picking mussels and so much beauty with awesome company!

We also all spent a divine evening of more eating and good company with friends Jack and Michelle, who own the gorgeous Charlotte House in Stilbaai. one the way home we drove past beautiful fields of flowers and snow capped mountains (first time I have gotten so close to snow hahah). To top it off, we came back to Cape Town to a stormy sky and the sun breaking through the clouds, such a special trip with so much beauty and fresh air around us. I always feel truly blessed to have opportunities like these, to get out of Cape Town and be exposed to our beautiful coastline. I have the boyf to thank for that :) He has opened my eyes to beautiful places and incredible people. A little slice of paradise and memories to be made.


Pics: Saturday Girl SA

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