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This past weekend the boyf spoilt me with a trip to Arniston. By far my favourite place on the 
coast. We have been a few times with friends and Neil spent many of his childhood holidays in Arniston. Both of us have a big love for this place. I think it must be one of the few coastal towns that is still completely undeveloped and still maintains that sleepy coastal charm.

Loads of white houses with thatched tops cover the coast line and over look the gorgeous turquoise and blue sea. No shops, no crazy city panic. Just calm and bliss. We have been planning this trip for a long time and to be honest it was so needed. I feel very spoilt and lucky to have had a nice break. I kind of feel like I have thrown myself into keeping busy for fear of stopping and thinking too much. A loss is not something you get over. 

Usually if Neil and I do a trip I send my dad all the pictures and fill him in on the daily events. Although he did not live near the sea my dad loved the ocean and walking on the beach. We were lucky enough to have sunny weather even though it was chilly and cold, we still swam in wetsuits. It is always very therapeutic to be by the ocean and walk on the beach. We walked a lot. Not a soul in sight., untouched sand and pure silence through the dunes and on several empty hidden beaches. I love Arniston because I think it's like a mini Mediterranean and I image that some sleepy Greek island looks like this.

I have these weird moments of guilt when I enjoy life or something too much. I feel bad my dad is not here to enjoy things like this because I know that he would have loved it so much. Now I hope that he heard my words to him as I walked with Neil and looked so intensely at everything in the hope that he could see them too. 

I am so grateful that I got to go away with the boyf. He is truly the most loving, patient and caring person I have ever met. He is always by my side to hold me, make me feel safe and love me even if I ugly cry.

On a happier note, here are some beautiful pictures from our walks and adventures. A dreamy place that if I could I would go back every single weekend.


Be kind, be gracious, be grateful, be loving, be calm.
Open your eyes and your heart to all the beauty we have surrounding us.
Be forgiving, be caring, be gentle on yourself.
Stop, turn your face to the sun, moon and stars...
and hold all memories close and dear.
Never forgotten.
Memories made with those who are gone and those that are still here.
So grateful.

By Sautrday Girl SA

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  1. I'd be lying if I said your post didn't make me teary-eyed. It's beautiful Natalie ♥
    Saara x

  2. What a gorgeous place. It is good to have you back to blogging; missed your posts. Strongs for the road to healing. It's an extremely difficult thing to go through. 9 years later and it's still with me every step of the way - all you can do is adjust your eyes/mind to the change.


  3. Thanks Mariska appreciate it a lot xxx

  4. Beautiful pics Nats, I'm teary eyed reading about your dad. Keep close to your man, nature and God, you will find peace in his love and the love of your family. xxxxx