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The month of March was a bit of a crazy month. It really literally ended up been two weddings and a funeral. Possibly one of the craziest and all over the place months I have had.  Some great times, a few cries, college stress, not enough hours in the day, flying to JHB and missing my family. In the midst of all the chaos, I got sick, so yoga and gym were not fully attended to like they usually are. 

To be honest struggle when I am thrown out of routine, especially gym and yoga. I have mentioned in my earlier posts I cant make the all the classes in the week and I try practice at home. For the month of April I am going to strive to find balance and make time to look after myself and my well-being  March was a eating, drinking, mourning, merry and celebratory month all rolled into one. Sometimes, well all the time actually, we cannot control what life will throw at us and what the next hurdle will be. Life is pretty busy and trying to find balance can be so stressful. But, I may not be able to achieve full balance but I can at least strive for a better balance and look for 20min a day to be calm, do some yoga stretching and relax.

Time to work hard, be inspired, put my head down and turn failures into victory's 


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  1. Such a truthful post. I too am going to try to attain a better balance this month, but then I look down and see it is already a week in!! Time seems to be in fast forward at the moment.