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March has been a pretty insane month. weddings, birthdays and a variety of social activity (and its not over yet, only more to come) On top of that, I have been sick and run-down which is so far from ideal :( Lack of sleep, can be a very serious problem and your overall health can be affected.  (no gym or yoga for two weeks can make a girl a little crazy). Which is exactly what happened to me. I don't know why. but I just struggle to sleep. Its bizarre, unfair and also frustrating. BUT on the plus side I am doing all I can to improve that and turn negatives into positives.

When life gets so busy sometimes you tend to forget about yourself. The pace of life is always increasing the key is to try and find balance, which is not always achievable, so you at least need to try and make a little bit of time for yourself so you can regroup and stay focused. Here are some of my goals and tips for making time for you, staying healthy and not falling to pieces and eating mountain loads of chocolate ( I speak from experience).

  •  Make time for exercise, not matter how you are even if its 3 stretches or a light walk. I find if I cannot make it to gym I hit panic stations. To avoid this, shift focus, exercise in your home is more affective than non at all. I find if I exercise late, I struggle to sleep. So opt for an energising morning work out if you can. 

  •  Say bye to Soda's and sugary drinks. As soon as I struggle to sleep I reach for coffee, sodas and sugary drinks. This is only going to give you a very brief spike in energy. I find when I drink lemon in hot water and teas along with lots of water, my body stays hydrated, and I feel more awake.

  • Maintain your beauty routine! The minute life gets busy I forget to moisturise and exfoliate. Two things I find that make me feel clean, fresh and ready for the day. Make sure you also treat yourself, do your nails, give yourself a home luxury treatment.

  • Don't skip breakfast!!! This is where the wheels come off and you find yourself gobbling everything and anything in sight - hence becoming lazy and tired through out the day.

  • If you take vitamins or supplements make sure you DO actually take them, regularly and consistently  Get the immune system going and keep it strong. Also do some research on healthy immune boosting foods and try to eat at least one a week.

  •  Switch off the technology.I love series too, but I do find that the minute I have a break or feel I need to try relax and switch off, I go straight for the series and end up watching far too many or spending time on my laptop late at night. In you have free time at home, try reading a book, especially before bed. Its far more relaxing and helps switch off your mind so you can start shutting down for the day. Same goes for your cell phone. If your bored, don't jump online, make an effort to shift your focus.

  • Make cooking exciting. Put some effort into all your meals, Don't just see it as "I have to eat" rather try make and prepare food that you want to eat and that you know you will enjoy. A simple lunch or dinner for one can be incredibly boring so, treat yourself, make something you will really enjoy and present it in a way that makes you want to eat it (or instagram a photo of it).

  • Make you time. If you have a hobby or enjoy doing something, make sure you do it and do it often. The result of this is your happiness. my biggest goal is to do more yoga. This is something I really enjoy and often find I don't put that first. 

  • Make sure you do things for yourself so  that you stay strong, happy, motivated and kicking ass :)

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