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  • We complicate things, we need to simply, life can be simple, we just need to make it like that
  • Appreciate the people that are truly their for you, without judgement, without having to be asked, just their for you
  • Don't lower your expectations, but also be realistic
  • Each day is a gift and a blessing, live it
  • Remember the people in your life also have a lot going on
  • Do your best, it may not be 100 percent perfect, but do what you can
  • Remember the good in people
  • Forgot those who let you down and hurt you, they don't deserve room in your life let alone in your mind
  • Sing loudly in your car, its a great feeling
  • Write letters
  • Give yourself a break
  • Drink lots of tea, its great for your soul :)
  • Think before you speak sometimes
  • Tell your parents you love them
  • Cook yourself a wonderful meal
  • Make an effort, not for others but for you
  • Smile, smiling is the best medicine 

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