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I am probably the worst person when it comes to hair care. Blessed with long hair that is of the kind, curly nature (not crazy, frizzy curls) I have often neglected my hair. I am talking no haircuts for up to two years! This is for a variety of reasons A) some hairdressers see my hair and HACK it to death. B) hairdressers do not know how to cut curly hair. 

Now obviously people make the assumption I have ‘thick” hair because it is long ish. Well..Its not. I have fine hair and lots of it! I made the mistake of cutting it stupidly short three times in my 25 years of existence. Naturally this lead to tears, regret and more tears, so after scaring myself with my hair copping tactics I simply stopped cutting and trimming it out of fear, and the insane cost the hairdressers charge. The longer it got the happier I was, but lets be honest here, those ends were starting to look like rats tails! 
My hair has more of a wave in it as the curl “fall out” as it gets longer and heavier. It also tends to get dry and flat. So no trims, lots of sun expose and plenty of cheap, average hair products have not always ensured a healthy head of hair.

The last couple of years I have made a point of going for a trim (more like once a year opposed  to two... oops) but I always make sure they take off as little as possible, which means the ends are still tatty and split. I recently decided to go to a sweet hairdresser who works from her home. I started my usual rant and asked her to take off a tiny bit. Then I thought about and realised I was doing more damage to my hair, so I went for it. She trimmed off all the split ends. Instantly my hair looked healthier and it has stopped shedding so drastically and breaking off. 

Next problem was finding a good hair care product to remedy split ends. (Because a trip to a hairdresser ultimately gets very pricey and so do salon products). So it seems the hair Gods were smiling down on me and my empty shampoo bottle when I received a package containing TRESemmé’s Split Remedy range. I am the first to roll my eyes when people talk about hair products and how this and that works wonders. But I decided to give the TRESemmé’s Split Remedy range a go and see the results. It has been several weeks since my trim and the ends are looking a little tatty. 

According to celebrity stylist, Matthew Mansoor, TRESemmé’s Split Remedy range is the most effectivein fighting slipt ends.

 “TRESemmé’s range really works and lives up to its claims of effectively reducing split ends by 80% after just three washes.” Having worked overseas Matthew states, “I’ve seen my share of women with split ends, and after recommending TRESemmé’s Split Remedy range, have seen rapid results. You have to try it for yourself to believe it.”  “The best part,” adds Matthew, “it’s gentle enough to use every day.” 

Matthew’s easy two-step guide to conquering split ends

STEP 1: Use TRESemmé Split Mend Shampoo and Split Mend Conditioner together to gently cleanse and condition hair while mending split ends. “After a couple of washes and your hair will be noticeably smoother with healthy looking ends,” affirms Matthew.

STEP 2: Add a dash of TRESemmé Split Remedy Split Mend Intense Recovery Masque for an intense recovery to parched and dried-out hair and tips. Matthew adds, “The Masque is unlike any treatment I’ve seen. It works––fast and smart.”

My Review of TRESemmé’s Split Remedy range
I have followed the steps and I must say I am impressed. For me it’s a constant battle with hair care products. Something makes it oily, dries it out or makes it flat and lifeless. I found that after two washes so far my ends seem to be less limp and are even curled nicely as opposed to rat’s tails. If you see the picture of me below in a previous post (The clothing recycle diaries) I had washed my hair that morning and blow-dried it slightly straighter. It looked healthier and glossier.

 I found that all of the products only need a small distribution amount (size of a five rand coin, for longer hair I would say). The shampoo lathered up beautifully, it smelt great too! I found the conditioner and recovery masque nourishing and most of all easy to rinse out without making my hair feel ‘coated in product’ or oily. Today I repeated the process and dried my roots and then left my hair slightly damp, and then I pop it into a bun to smooth it out and create a wave. I am really impressed with this product in all honesty, especially the masque, the mask is a winner, salon quality and really works!  
If you see the picture below of my hair, which is layered, you can see the layered ends now blend with my hair and don’t stick out and show splitting, also right down to the tips the ends look healthier.If you look closely at the ‘fly-a ways’ the ends are not split but smooth. 

Your hair is in a constant state of war, attacks in the form of heat treatments, colour treatments and environment conditions. With all this, your tresses can easily become frayed, split and break off—a problem that will affect 90% of women. If you are looking for a solution to keep your hair healthy in between cuts and trims I would suggest you give the TRESemmé’s Split Remedy range a go.

 For more info check out :TRESemmeSA Facebook page
or their website Tresemme

By: Saturday Girl SA 

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