by - 10:28:00 AM

  • year officially starts today - back to varsity
  • want to work hard and do well, for me
  • bethe best version of myself and be myself (even if you don't like me)
  • need to harden up a bit, maybe put up some walls
  • had such a great weekend
  • garlic potatoes home made
  • lots of laughs
  • hurt knee while playing with the dog, bit bleak
  • need to get packing done asap
  • looking forward to moving at the end of the month
  • new adventures, fresh start, de-clutter
  • thinking of my family, missing the jhb fam
  • making an effort this year to get new music on my i pod
  • taking each day being grateful and calm
  • warm heart
  • missing colette
  • struggling to sleep a bit, weird
  • trying not to stress - let go
  • be more fearless inside and out
  • must read all library books! (which are waaayy over due!!)

Pic-by boyf in his kitchen, saturday girl sa

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