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With the festive season upon us and everyone either gearing up for a holiday or a summer job, the budget tends to go out the window with all the social events, festive shopping and daily outings.  Once again, being a student often means it is difficult to eat healthily as it can often be more expensive. From time to time I like to share my healthy budget food finds that are nutritional and easy to prepare. These snacks are great if your also away camping, spending your days on the beach or simply rushing around over summer.

  • Lemons: I have a huge love for lemons and everyone morning I drink lemon and hot water. Not only are lemons high in vitamin C they also help with digestion and waking up the metabolism so you start your day feeling fresh and clean! I find if I over indulge in my favourite sweet treats or over eat, some lemon and hot water helps neutralise me. If you end up with a sore throat some lemon and honey will help sooth the pain. Best part about lemon? Its great for your skin! Since drinking lemon and hot water everyday I can see a vast improvement in my skin.
  • Ensure: is a shake. Most shakes require milk, as I don't drink milk I find Ensure ideal. All you need to do is add water. It's a full meal replacement packed with the all the correct nutritional benefits and vitamins to help boost your metabolism and keep you going until your next meal. This shake is ideal if you don't have time to eat one of your main meals. It has helped me for being tempted to by junk food when I am really hungry and rushing around. (Ensure is also used for weight gain if added to your daily meals)
  • Crackerbread: When I first saw it I thought not a chance will I like that stuff! Yes, it does look a little like cardboard, BUT if you add some tuna to it, sliced up avo, cheese, or tomato you have the perfect beach snack of quick and easy lunch. You can pretty much add anything to them and get creative with a nutritional snack! My favourite is the rye toast, I am not a rye bread fan so I really like the crackerbread rye toast, its light, filling and comes in a economical pack, easy to transport and quick to prepare.
  • Quinoa: I only learnt how to cook it properly recently! Now that I know how I love it! Packed with protein, quick and easy to cook and a great replacement for pasta and rice. There are so many fantastic recipes online for breakfast, lunch and supper! It taste delicious cold or hot and is simple to prepare. Once again, you can truly get creative with this basic base for a meal.
These items are ideal to keep in your cupboard all year round and allow you some creative freedom ;)


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