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Summer has been taking its time to got me thinking. How relevant summer is to me and my life. I am an outdoor person, give me sun and I am an extremely happy outdoors person. The last time there was a gap of pure summer sun I was not in Cape Town to experience it. So you can imagine the large amount of fomo I had and how badly I have been dying to hit the beach. I am currently working on my final portfolio for one of my subjects, which requires some self exploration and of my surroundings. So today I went to implement some of that on the beach. (I kid you not) While being on the beach I realised how much it means to me, how special it is and how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.

The beach is this magical place that you expose yourself to, you find yourself soaking in the surroundings, sounds and people. I think as you get older, you care less about the other people on the beach and focus on the fact that the beach is a true reflection of summer arriving and an awakening in you soul. Cheesy right? But true. For me the beach is a feeling that I truly cant actually put into words. I have been very lucky to live in Cape Town since the age of 11 and being exposed to beach life and culture has made me feel like a real beach bum. The boyf is an avid (obsessed) surfer and has opened my eyes to even more beautiful and amazing beaches, some that are so secret and remote and others that hold a different setting and scenery unlike anything I have seen.

 This time of the year is rather stressful and to find balance is incredibly difficult. I have gone from studying and working to working full time to now studying full time. It has been a huge adjustment, one I am so grateful to be experiencing! But from time to time (all the time actually) I put pressure on myself to achieve, do well etc etc. Sometimes that pressure is needed and some times it really isn't.  I had a friend helping me work on my portfolio as it required her taking pics for me today and I felt so lucky to be doing work and on the beach.

 I felt incredibly at ease on the beach.

And then I did it, I went and dived into the ocean, icy, numbing and awaking. Here we are living on the edge of the world, sun and sea just a small drive away, friends, family, health and lives. It is really hard to be positive all the time. We are all human, and sometimes you need to fall apart a little, or take a bit of a break, YOU need to look after you. 

Take a moment, and next time the sunshine's, go for a swim, go outside and live.


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