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To all the lovely, special women in my life, I love and respect you with all my heart and appreciate you more than any of you will ever know. To my amazing mother who never gives up, you are my greatest inspiration!  My incredible friends who constantly show me the gift of love and friendship (as well as tissues and tea) your wisdom, advice and constant belief in me is what makes a stronger, wiser, better woman every single day. 

To the lovely ladies who read my blog and follow me on twitter, thank you for showing support and kindness, always! You are all an inspiration and I feel honoured to be a woman and share apart of my life with you all.

 Ladies, respect yourself, never stop fighting for what you believe in, read a history book about how women have fought for our rights today, you would be surprised by how far we have come. Show love and kindness to all the men in your lives because believe me, they know how lucky they are to have such special ladies by their sides. 

Don't sell yourself short, or think you cannot do something based on your gender. Always have hope and faith in others and yourself and remember that you are you and that is what counts. Be as amazing as you are ladies.

Much love

Saturday Girl SA

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