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  • I can be far too trusting. Not always a bad thing, not always a good thing, maybe even my own fault for assuming everyone has my feelings and interests at heart, the lesson here is to realise trust is earned by people in your life. Those who you can trust actually care about you, and I mean really care about you.
  • Let it go, stop worrying so much.
  • Understand that your not the only one who goes through a rough time, other people do too.
  • Best sometimes to be silent, silence really is golden
  • Think before you talk.
  • Be more patient......
  • Be less defensive. 
  • Be more appreciative.
  • Admit when you are wrong, learn from it. Don't be stubborn.
  • Don't give up, ever. Something if not everything is worse fighting for.
  • Make mistakes but really and truly start learning from them.
  • When one thing goes wrong everything else naturally follows, and that's OK. There is light at the end of the tunnel always.
  • Have a little faith, faith and hope are going to help in almost every situation.
  • Let your friends, family and loved ones know how much you appreciate them.
  • Don't assume the worst
  • Let go of your phone, it doesn't rule your life.
  • Not everyone will like you, want to be your friend or care how you feel or think, and that's ok too.
  • Toxic people are going to drain you, so don't compromise space for them in your life simply, politely put them in your toxic box and make sure you handle yourself and them with a gas mask on ;)

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