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Saturday Girls to do list

·        Start your day with lemon, honey and hot water
·        Set yourself mini goal and stick them on your wall
·        Be prepared the night before for the day ahead
·        Make sure you have apples in your bag, amazing snack
·        Take a good look around and be grateful
·        Paint your nails a ridiculously bright colour
·        Challenge your mind and don’t give up
·        Pamper yourself, read a book, take a long bath
·        Get your work done so you can free up your time
·        Explore a market on the weekend, support local
·        Go to the beach, even in winter
·        Make a plan for a girls night
·        Spoil your parents
·        Be a shoulder to cry on for someone who needs it
·        Plan a camping trip
·        Make sure you get in your kitchen and cook some quality meals
·        Be real, true and caring, always
·        Don’t judge so easily
·        Spring clean your cupboards and give to charity
·        Indulge in series watching
·        Dream big
·        Find comfort in the love provided by the people who care for you
·        Buy flowers for a friend
·        Make photo albums
·        Inspire yourself and take photos
·        Be happy for other peoples happiness, they deserve good things too

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