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A matter of health. In the past three weeks I have gone from a sinus infection to gastro and then back to sinus. It has not been pleasant and worst off it is taking forever to recover. Not to mention othe ever looming studying and exam coming up. So to say I am fed up is probably an unserstantement. Yes I should be grateful, it could very well be much worse, but let me tell you, if you haven't suffered from all of the above then you may not comment. Harsh post, I know, and I really do hate complaining but I am so fed up with A) People commenting on my health and lack of it. B) actually suffering with these ailments several times a year. A few years ago I was a very sick little lady, the after effect was simply a very weak immune system, which results in  me getting sick at least every couple of month with sinus. (or other stuff) 

I eat well, I take vitamins, I look after my body, I am not perfect I have faults, I listen to the doctors I make sure I am eating my fruit and veg, staying out of the cold, dressing warmly, using sinus medication, system but alas, that sneaky sickness creeps up on me. To be honest I blame a variety of things.... Winter for one, hello! Its freezing outside. Then lets not forget air-con! air-conditioning  at varsity that is cold enough to make you feel like your on an expedition in the Arctic. Its also unhealthy to sit in overly hot or cold rooms for long periods of time, yet we find ourselves in these working environments constantly. So unless your job is to lie in the sun on a yacht all year round your more than lightly to become a victim of flu or sickness at some point. I am not doctor and believe me I am no fan of medication, just to add to the sickness drama I am also allergic to penicillin, so medication is expensive and rather strong so it has to be taken with a host of other things. The cycle never ends. Today I reached breaking point. Like major breaking point, I have not exercised in a month, I have had a bizarre yo-yo appetite, which isn't exactly helping on the recover front. I have sniffed up salt water, taken a round of antibiotics, put Vicks on my feet and slept with socks on. I did the soups, the rest, the hot bath, the nose sprays and the vitamins. Still I am not well. I am over it in a big way, so this is my rant A) I cannot help that I am sick folks, I am doing the best I can and B) To my immune system I will continue to boost you. One thing I have realised is that to eat well, and healthy, it is going to cost you. food is expensive, we cant all dine on almonds and salmon, so we need to make do with what we have and hope that we can decrease or dear old pharmacy and doctors bills. 

I decided part of my lack of recover is my attitude about it. I am so down trodden (trying my hardest not to be, I promise) and feeling truly horrid for lack of socialising, looking normal and not like a scary zombie and feeling better. So I woke up today and decided to get out of my sick slump for good and reeeallly believe I can make myself better.I am missing yoga so much, since starting yoga I have found a form of exercise that helps with my back problems (yes people another ailment, deal with it) so I would really like to get back to class and back to a healthy strong state of mind, soul and body. 

I started out with some Futurelife  energy meal for breakfast, its packed with vitamins and has modcure formula in it specially designed to help boost your sad little immune system.(Sold at local food retailers) then something else caught my eye, some motivation to make my mind feel like it can actually help my body recover! So take a look at this:

 So today I decided to get my health back by really concentration on eating right for my body to feel better and stronger so I can set my goals, start exercising and all round be a better, nicer and less sickly tissue infested person to be around. This is a promise to myself to hopefully make my mind better and to let the rest recover naturally on its own. It could be worse, I know :)


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