by - 9:46:00 PM

  • Loving having mom back to take care of me
  • Obsessed with Downton Abbey
  • Lady Gaga coming to CT OMG
  • Working my way through tissues like a crazy person
  • Yup still sick
  • Looking forward to the weekend away
  • Craving Mexican food
  • Laughing at Modern family ( Gloria is my hero)
  • Stressing for exams
  • Finding out about banks and stuff
  • Tomatoes in my fridge for almost 4 weeks (they look amazing)
  • Polyvore
  • Strange dreams
  • Beautiful sunsets
  • Missing yoga and summer
  • Forgetting to water plants 
  • Watching the guys toss breaks to each other in a line. random I know
  • Pinterest
  • Seeing awesome things and getting to distracted too take pictures. dammit
  • Dreading ENT appointment but hopeful it will be my saving grace
  • Drinking Powerade
  • Losing socks, random socks all over the place
The End


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