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Let me explain. I came across these pictures that I took with my mobile recently. I always forget I take pics and then stumble across them at some point.

 The first one is of me behaving like a child! Went to visit friends and they have the most amazing garden with this awesome tyre swing for their children! Naturally I had to give it a go! Too much fun, little bit of rope burn on my hands, but one thing is for sure one day I want a swing in my garden. 

The Sunset was last week sometime. It had been a particulary cold miserable day and I found myself grumbling about the cold. I noticed this pinky glow in my room while I was working, went outside and there it was... the perfect winter sunset! 

The last pic is from Sunday night. We went to friends for dinner in their lovely new home and they made us dinner, sadly half way through the cooking process the entire glass dish split! How bizarre right? Of course we were all looking forward to the meal and the effort that had gone into it, in the end we ended up going for an amazing dinner at the local pizza joint (which is a firm favourite) lots of fun had all round! Life is so short, don't sweat the small stuff, climb on a swing, watch a sunset and soak it in, throw the broken dish away and forget about it :)


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