by - 3:44:00 PM

  • love is a two way street, make just as much effort as you want the other person too
  • phone your friends, pick up the phone, not Facebook, e mail or twitter, actually call someone
  • be grateful, while we all obsess with our looks, diets and where we want to be seen, we end up forgetting that we have to much good, in ourselves, in the people around us and our daily lives
  • Stop, actually stop and listen to how someone else feels
  • put your pride in your pocket, no one is impressed by pride
  • dance like a total fool on the dance floor, get down and have some serious fun
  • eat the chocolate your so badly wanting
  • make new friends and add new people to your world
  • do something kind for someone
  • love who you are always
  • eat pizza, you know you want to
  • start a journal of all the good
  • stand still, do some deep breathing, and shoulder rolls
  • take photos, but stop to open your eyes and make memories in your mind
  • read more books and read more meaningful stories and blogs
  • and have a fantastic Monday 

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