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Winter casual feel

Winter is on the way! Here are some of the things I think every girl should own for the chilly season!
( wish I owned all of these gorgeous things....sigh)

  • A good leather jacket, black is always useful as it goes with everything and if it's fitted even better.
  • T-shirts, especially in grey and natural colours. They're great for layering an outfit.
  • Jeans! Good denim is a total win. Especially if it's a slight light wash, stops the dark colours from washing out.
  • Cute colourful sneakers! I know boots are the usual winter rage, but sneakers are just as comfortable and look great in bright colours, takes away from the winter gloom.
  • Backpacks! You need to keep your hands free to hold you warm drink, and umbrella when your running around in the rain! Nice change from a handbag and again bright! 
  • Earmuffs are the best. I suffer with insanely cold ears and if I owned these leopard print bad boys I would rock them on chilly days!
  • I love this bold black ring, winter time you are usually layered up so necklaces and earrings can often be hidden amongst all the warm clothes. A good statement ring really stands out.
  • We all feel a bit drab in winter, so for a natural glow, bronzer is always useful.
  • And of course! Hot chocolate.... what would winter be with out yummy hot chocolate :)

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