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The pace of life is forever increasing and there seems to never be enough hours in a day. I have a very special boyfriend who is someone that I can honestly say, treats me like a princess and is my biggest supporter in all aspects of my life. We both lead busy lives and often we don't get to spend time together. This stands for our friends and family as well. Although we do our utmost to make time for each other, sometimes the pace of life can over lapse the quality time together.

So out of the blue I get told that on Saturday I am having a surprise day! I really didn't expect to get spoilt to this extent, and I am super grateful for the lovely adventure and time that we shared.

We started the Saturday off with a trip to the Vineyard Hotel in Claremont for a buffet breakfast! My favourite! With a fantastic selection of hot and cold breakfast to choose from we found ourselves taking it slow and indulging in a two hour breakfast! Sorry no pictures, was too busy indulging myself!

After breakfast we decided to go for a walk around the grounds. You never expect so much beauty and greener in the middle of Cape Town. If you ever get a chance go for tea or breakfast at the gorgeous hotel and then a stroll through these magnificent gardens. I love nature and greenery. The area is lush with beauty (and spiders, big ones, very big webs) and has a lovely tranquil feel to it.

I love the Vineyard Hotel and if your looking for something new and different to do on weekend, gather some friends for breakfast and a stroll around the beautiful grounds.

Super spoilt and super lucky!


Saturday Girl SA

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