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Major blog neglect lately! The lack of internet is a  bit of a problem not to mention the sheer pace of life. March has without a doubt been the busiest month of this year for me. Not only is varsity a never ending story of work, I have also had the honour of being a bridesmaid for the first time! And wow, what a wedding! Possibly the most beautiful union I have seen between two very special people, who are fearless in their love for each other and incredibly kind, patient and caring people. An effortless smooth day that went of with blissful  planning and honest good fun!

At the same time this was going on my grandmother was ill up in JHB. Been in CT while my whole family is up in jozi can sometimes be hard and I felt this incredible homesick feeling at the same time. Fortunately she is now home recovering and taking it easy. Yet another reminder of how short life is, and that we truly need t cherish the people in it.

Since my injury I have become increasingly fearful of getting back on track with exercise. I am the kind of person that does not ease into things and I tend to push myself too far, too quickly, resulting in an overload and ultimately hurting myself and my ego. So I decided to continue with my back and spine rehabilitation and also work in integrating new things into my fitness. (baby steps) I have also started attending Monday night Vinyasa yoga classes, and wow is it good to feel the stretch and work up a good sweat. a lot of the stuff I cannot do still but I am feeling stronger and more motivated to be fearless. It is amazing how the mind works, the minute I walk into the class I can feel I clench my back and panic. I really have to remind my body to stop with the fear and try to tackle things head on, or at least give it a try. No harm in trying. 

March has been a month of reflection and lesson learning. Sometimes, as hard as it is we need to stop wishing for the superficial things that we are hung up on like our weight, looks and how other people affect us, and rather start with gratitude for what we have, in every sense, and patience with ourselves and the people around us. We are all guilty of judging others, but we can at least give them a chance. Be kinder to yourself, less quick to put yourself down, look at the good, look at how you make other people feel and look and how you can be the one to make positive changes in your life. Accept the people in your life, even with their faults. Appreciation and true love for others and yourself is so important. Cherish people who make a contribution to your world. A hard as life is sometimes, we can be grateful to be experiencing it.

I have met some amazing people this past month, learnt more about those I have known for years, and realised how much I appreciate all that I have. I have seen the strength that many of my friends and family hold. Heard some amazing stories and experienced some great things. Although the month felt like utter madness, it also made me feel stronger and happier. So eat the damn chocolate if you want it, call a friend you have not spoken to lately, point out the good in yourself and others. Be fearless


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