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This weekend was my birthday. I am not going to lie, I am not the biggest birthday fan. Other people's yes! Mine, not so much. Always seems to be drama. This year I was spoilt with a breakfast with my friend Colette at our Favourite little spot, La petit tart in De Waterkant, Friday night was dinner with my fantastic boyfriend at my favourite place, Chef Pons Asian Kitchen. Saturday afternoon friends joined me in the boiling heat at &Union in town for snacks and drinks. It was so nice to be surrounded by such special people, that I know love and care about me. I also got spoilt with loads of fantastic gifts! My friends know me well! Lots of gorgeous gifts! Accessories, bath salts, lotion, perfume, a bathrobe, chocolate stationery (yes I am addicted to it) a gorgeous backless RVCA top and so much more! It is always so nice when your friends spoil you with the things they know you like! Most of all it was nice to look around and see people who truly mean something to me. I wish my mom was here, she was in jhb, but my boyfriend took me for yummy dessert as per my mom's request :) Treasure the people in your life, be grateful, compassionate and aware of them, there meaning, love, kind hearts and time.

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