by - 8:41:00 AM

  • sick with sinus, incredibly icky and frustrating
  • experiencing start of year freak out, stress out, over everything
  • a little home sick
  • learning that other people's feelings are just as important as mine
  • swimming in a dam
  • sushi
  • cooking pasta and fresh tomatoes
  • craving chicken pie
  • forgetting things
  • laughs with Colette
  • not sleeping at night
  • social activety
  • spring rolls at the market
  • sick of eating tuna mayo
  • waiting for the next women's health magazine to come out
  • working at events, seeing all the pretty clothes people wear
  • finding some sweet second hand clothing
  • wishing I had a washing machine
  • dreaming of an island life
  • using boyfs e net
  • need more of my own pics
  • birthday coming up
  • craving Chinese food
  • writing a list of pro's and con's (soooo many more pro's)
  • laughing

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