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This past weekend we went camping. Possibly one of my favourite things to do and it was so nice to get out of CT, chill with friends, braai and bond :) There is something magical about camping, maybe it's the whole outdoor, nature vibe or the thought of a mini holiday. We got up early, packed the car and hit the road with Naked & Famous blearing on the radio. Perfect sunny skies and gale force winds could not kill the excitement. The weekend away was organised by birthday girl (lady in pink) Jess. So off a dozen of us trekked to Palmiet, about an hour and a half out of CT, with a beautiful coast along the way.

On Arrival the wind was blowing insanely but that did not stop us from setting up a lovely camp site. I was really impressed with the site, we had three plots to cover, three braai's and plenty of space for cars and tents. After Camp was set up and everyone arrived we went for a walk along the beach and river. It is truly a beautiful, rugged place that is so untouched. After getting a little lost and doing some serious climbing through bushes, we all headed back to camp for a chilled afternoon. The rest of the day consisted of banter, boys getting seriously sunburnt, afternoon naps, chips, beer and the boys starting the braai. Neil introduced me to these brilliant little things called braai packs. Simple, take foil add onion, garlic, sweet potato, butternut and spices. Pack into the foil wrap well and let it cook on the braai, (IT IS LIFE CHANGING)
After a good dinner we proceed to play the most legend mind game, know as "The Village" (long story).

Sleep sadly was limited due to the mad wind, which was a little scary at times! Early morning, some with hangovers, some with heat stroke, the rest eager to hit Kogelbaai (Koolbaai) and rock the surf and sun, we packed up and started making our way to kogelbaai. Starving, we stopped and got some freshly made croissants just outside of Betty's Bay and stopped at Roi Els (last beach pic) to admire the pure beauty of the ocean. Sadly along the way my tyre blew out, minor tantrum, tears and general throwing of items, resulted in a calm boyfriend and two very kind locals who helped (lesson learnt). FInally we made it to Kogelbaai, no pics were taken because I was so busy swimming in the sea, laughing and applying insane amounts of sunblock.
All in all, a winner weekend :)

By: Saturday Girl SA

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