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Thursday afternoon I popped in to visit Sheri safashiongirl for a little girly catch up and a swim in the good old Greenway pool. I have known Sheri since I was 11 years old. Many a summer was spent at this particular pool. So on Thursday while experiencing the luxury of spring day swim, we got all reminiscent about playing the bloodhound Gang late at night and running and diving into the pool. Singing loudly, splashing around, fearless, free and young. Nothing has changed much, we still ran and jumped into the pool, screamed like 12 year olds ( It was pretty cold and some how some ants had discovered their fate on the surface) sang to Madonna and laughed about life. The topics of conversation have changed over the years but the basic is still there. No denying the love for summer, sun and that pool. My fondest memory is Sheri hosting a pool party, the result was KFC chicken bones and a bowl of popcorn landing up on the perfect glassy surface. big lol's.
Summer is what we all live for. I know I will be living my summer with the people I love.

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  1. We still need more Bloodhound Gang hehehe. I will never forget that KFC incident XD I can still remember Marcus sliding around on my floor because someone poured coke all over it! x

  2. Ah please can we have a pool sesh! I also have a rainbox blow up thingy! xxx