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this list is a slight reference to the student budget, and when you're all out cash you have got to get creative (for fun too).

  • In the kitchen: well if you have run out of food your best bet is going to be bread with peanut butter, or frozen peas :) If you're hosting a dinner party for your nearest and dearest before pay day showers her love, I suggest you hit the pasta that's been cruising in your cupboard rather hard. whip out some fresh tomatoes, boil it all up and sprinkle with Italian spices (in a bottle) that have been passed down from somewhere or other. If your friends love you, they will love your pasta.

  • Cereal for dinner is also a winner.

  • Don't have nice drinks to serve? make up a pitcher of rooibos with honey and some lemons, stick that in your fridge and not only does it taste fab, it's healthy!

  • Beauty: Puffy eyes? Pimples? it's all about the ice! (I kid you not) Pop an ice cube in a towel or face cloth, hold it against your pimple (while praying it will go away). for under the eyes, hold a cube for a short time on the puffy area (not too long, brain freeze is awful). If you have cucumber in your fridge (fancy) pop those on your eyes too. If you're feeling very adventurous, soak some rooibos tea bags and put those on your eyes (closed of course) for a few min. Result: smelling like cucumber tea with beautiful eyes and lessened pimple.

  • If you don't have shampoo I suggest you buy some, or borrow someone elses. lets face it, if you're on a budget your fridge is not looming with mayo, eggs and oats (or whatever the tip is to home hair at home) worst comes to worse, you can use soap (gasp). it works if you're in need.

  • Buy a lotion that can be used on your hands, legs and feet (smelling nice all round).

  • Invest in a good clear nail polish so your hands and nails are always bright and clean.

  • If you're in need of a good scrub, either use salt or sugar. Sugar is a great exfoliator for your skin and if you put a little on our tooth brush (don't judge me) and then massage your lips they come out looking moisturised and fuller.

  • Red lipstick makes everything look better. Its true, give it a go asap.

  • One thing you should always have is sunscreen, no matter what your budget, it's a must and you can buy some mini ones from pharmacies to keep in your bag.

  • Wardrobe: If your budget doesn't allow for new clothing, no worries, you just need to make the old one even better! Simple, take old t-shirts and cut the neckline or the arms off and you have a brand new vest!

  • Make sure you always have a white vest, a good pair of jeans and flat pumps. Always.

  • If your creative side is calling, add to clothing by mixing and match, you are never to old to play dress up.

  • Pull everything out of your cupboard and colour co-ordinate it. Will give you a totally new look on your clothes.

  • Pretty earrings that you have stashed away in a box are there to be worn. They add to your face and are noticeable (plus a lovely smile)

When you are broke you will find a way to make things work, if you can't then you hope your friends or parents will have you around for a good meal, some TLC and some shampoo. :) (until pay day)

By: Saturday Girl Sa

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