by - 3:06:00 PM

  • Thing I miss the most: Dancing
  • Things I love: Cupcakes, flowers, and surprises
  • Thing I dislike: Insensitive people
  • Thing I crave the most: The beach, hot summer sun, sunblock ,tan lines, playing in the waves
  • Things I dream of doing: Making cool stuff, going back to Thailand
  • Things I am grateful for: Everyone in my life that is special and meaningful to me
  • Things I believe in: Love, friendship, family, listening, romance 
  • Things I respect: Everyone that struggles in life and pulls through always
  • Thing I wish  could do: Hit the road, run and run and run. Literally
  • Thing I would do over: Harsh words, not holding back
  • Things I think will never date: Pumps, Chanel chain handbag, twitter, toasted cheese and tomato

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