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This past public holiday was spent up the coast. I cant say where exactly as it was a surf mission and its all hush hush with the surf spots etc etc get the point :) But never the less, it was worth waking up at 4am for a beautiful drive. watching my bf surf, seeing the sunrise and a whale playing close to the shore. In amongst all of the surf talk and watching the boys brave the freezing cold water, we found the most perfect untouched beach. I didn't take pictures of it because it was so perfect and blissful.
 Its too beautiful and since going I have dreamt about it. Its my new favourite place. The day all in all was a huge success and there is truly nothing better than been around awesome people, on the beach and just taking it all in. It really was a peaceful day and the chance to stop, switch of and really just enjoy.

(Pic of Lisa and puppy.)

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