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This gorgeous red bag is yet another gem that my mom has kept over the years and its in mint condition. I use it mainly on special occasions but I love how the leather is still in good condition and the colour is bright and welcoming. The interior is also beautiful still. My ring is made from a shell, it comes from a local African shop around the corner that has some amazing pieces! Nail police is by Jessica (sweet tooth colour) The light today was so pretty and even though I am sick and at home, the red bag was peeking out of my cupboard where its hidden in plastic to protect it and I just could not resist sharing it with you. I hope to preserve it and hand it down one day. It really is a special bag that has gone to some special places.

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  1. The bag is divine :)
    Your shell ring is making me very, very envious! Love you Nat. xxx

  2. What is the shop? Gorgeous!

  3. thank you ladies! The ring is from a shop on Sea point Main road near St Elmos and across from Cafe Sofia