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 I attended the very very cool Short&Sweet short films opening on Tuesday evening, So let me set the scene a little:
 Its a cold night in CT, you turn down Orphan Street in town and in all its very cool glory stands The Dream Factory. A very apt and cool location for this event. Its spacious with a bar and DJ rocking some sweet tunes. Couches and big bean bags cover the floor and people mingle and chat while munching on popcorn and butlers pizza, in the prefect setting for a perfect event! Everyone settles in and gets comfy, many holding the very tasty Highland Park single malt scotch whiskey that works in association with the event. Definetly a winner to keep warm. The event is big, yet intimate, the organiser Julia stands up and gives a passionate speech (which is so refreshing to see people who truly love what they do and put heart and soul into projects like this one) about the event and its origin, that started in London in 2006 and has run weekly since showing short films, animations and music video's. showcasing Some old and new films, established directors and exciting new talent from around the world, this team has it covered and want you to be able to view it!

I appreciated the events intimacy and also the information on both the great concept which has reached London, Toronto and now Cape Town and soon to Launch in Australia. Its clear everyone involved is passionate and full of life and energy. What Julia says is true, they want to take you on a journey every week, you will feel happiness, joy, sorrow, laughter and tears! I can safely say every Movie that showed touched me in some way and I found the whole thing very inspiring especially since local work was shown as well. I think Michael Beattie, Julia Stephenson and Devin herd have done a great job at really organising and making the event special and if you missed it, not to worry its on for another 5 weeks! By the look of the events page its filling up fast on Facebook, so don't miss out! Its the best place to be on a rainy cold night and seriously the best people to be around!

 Tickets cost you R20 and food and drink are on offer (seriously good food and seriously good drink might I add) Doors open at 18h00 and first screening starts at19h30. Screening 2hrs including a break. Get there early to ensure seating and they also encourage you to bring your own seating, chairs, bean bags, blankets and duvets! Heaters are also set up! Dont forget yummy whiskey on offer.
The event has a facebook page Short&Sweet and follow the website  for more information about this very cool event! screenings run for 5 weeks in winter:
1st Screening 28 June
2nd screening 05 July
3rd screening 12 July
4th screening 19 July
5th screening 26 July

Photo credit: photogrpaher Tammy Fabian.
And from Micheal,Jullia, Devin (short&Sweet)
Highland Park Scotch Whiskey

By: Saturday Girl SA

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