by - 12:52:00 PM

  • It is impossible to find jeans that fit me in length. Please denim Gods stop punishing me
  • I need to invest in a washing machine
  • Have developed strange love for doughnuts 
  • My patience levels are running thin ( I am trying)
  • This too shall pass, its all a chapter... right?
  • I am always going to miss the friends I have lost over petty rubbish. Life really is too short
  • I was not blessed with the gene of learning the art of women who reveal a little about themselves. I seem to out it all on the table.
  • I have learnt to break SOME minor OCD habits, like checking my door 8 times
  • I am a questioner
  • I am not going to apologise for being me
  • I am so proud of Cindy Armstrong
  • I need to tap into my cooking skills a bit more
  • Second Hand stores are truly amazing
  • Pics I have taken of late are so precious to me
  • I have no idea what I am doing, where I am going and I guess, for now. Thats ok. :)
  • I have met some truly awesome, kind caring people lately.
  • I miss my family alot. 
  • I am a lucky lucky lady

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