by - 9:48:00 AM

  • I am not a pretty crier
  • made big decisions all on my own that hold lots of magnitude
  • woolies sell ice cream in little tubs of four. Bliss
  • fakeness is awful and can be seen a mile away. Its unattractive
  • live what you love
  • its ok not to be perfect
  • saying good bye is possibly the hardest thing to do
  • to be ones self is magic on its own
  • the world is my oyster
  • pizza four times in a week was not a good idea. ever
  • taking a leap of faith can open you up.
  • buying a book on insomnia might be the cure after all
  • redying old clothes saves money on new ones
  • the sea and beach are my happy places
  • I can, I will and if you try and break me down then you dont deserve a place in my life
  • I will always give until the end. I am a fighter
  • the little mermaid is my hero.
  • my flat mates rock
  • this to shall pass

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