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  • Its ok to have a handbag addiction, you could end up finding you dream leather bag
  • things take time
  • persistence is key
  • no one can change you and you cant change others, you can only learn to compromise
  • pasta is the be all and end all
  • singing to a song really loudly can set you free
  • gratitude can free you mind and make you a lot less selfish
  • all the small things count
  • forgiving and forgetting does work
  • coffee detox is a short term thing...
  • me time can make you appreciate things more
  • this so much to give back, not always take, take, take
  • laughing really is the best medicine
  • having ambition and goals can only benefit you more
  • coconut is the shizz
  • little kids are truly free and know how to break it down and have fun
  • all about the right time and the right place
  • trust ur gut
  • risk 
  • take more pics
  • believe 
  • its ok to miss mom, cindy and people that I saw an hour before.
by: Natalie Leicher

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