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I blame my mother, a true book and magazine reader. from a young age I developed a love for reading and soon magazines became a near obsession, sadly the budget doesn't allow for much free spending on delicious copies of fashion bliss bound together in true artistic bliss, but I do get my 3 staples  as often as I can. I keep them as references and use them for inspiration, its gone from having things plastered all over my wall to having pics neatly placed or chaotically stuck in files and books. Most people will tell you that magazines are a waste, i disagree. Its not a vain thing but often they are just what you need, for example, several recipes have been saved, a handy healthy glossary, which beauty products are hypoallergenic and beautiful photography displaying magnificent clothes in beautiful places. Not to forget the hard hitting truth that womens magazines are highlighting more and more, such as covering word events, politics, corruption, womens rights, phenomenas and various other critical things that are often left out by mainstream media. Real life stories of people who have over come or achieved, it does inspire you. This little obsession had become a sort of ritual. There is something calming about sitting down and paging through a book. the ritual goes like this:
  • buy magazine and maybe a chocolate
  • get home rip packet open, allowing free product to be freed and ready to be tried and tested.
  • cup of tea is made. no milk no sugar
  • magazine is then read in several ways
  • first: the quick flip - flipping through the mag gingerly
  • second: the selective paging-paging through and selectively reading
  • thirdly: reading the entire mag back to front ( finding shoes that willl become an obsession)
  • not to forget the bathing ritual, with magazine and the bad habit of usually getting the entire mag or book soaking wet.
  • then comes the preservation into the magazine archive
lame or crazy or plain strange, its the little habits that keep you sane sometimes. Its the switch off time the insane moment where you lie back in the bath, beach, bedroom, chair and just switch off and maybe delve into those glossy pages and remind yourself that its the simple pleasures in life.
by: Natalie Leicher

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