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EDUN was launched in Spring 2005 by Ali Hewson and her husband, U2 singer Bono, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio as a for-profit fashion brand with a mission to encourage trade with Africa and raise awareness of the possibilities there.

In May 2009 luxury group LVMH bought a 49% stake in the company.Following LVMH's investment in the brand, Edun appointed a new creative director, Sharon Wauchob. In 2010, Ali Hewson and Bono appear wearing EDUN in a Louis Vuitton campaign, shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz in Africa.
EDUN claims that 85% of their clothing (Edun and Edun Live combined) is made in Africa, specifically Tunisia, Tanzania and Kenya, with the remaining 20% is spread out between China and Peru. Edun's supply chain has always included countries outside of Africa. EDUN requires every factory to be audited by a third party on an annual basis to ensure they follow the fashion brand's strict code of conduct.Though EDUN's main focus is trade, the company sources organic and sustainable materials whenever possible.
In 2010, revelations were made that only 15% of EDUN's line was produced in Africa, with 70% produced in Asia with the remainder sourced from Peru. Since its founding in 2007, Edun Live has produced 700,000 African made t-shirts. It's what Hewson calls 100 percent African grow-to-sew initiative.
 Mission: EDUN is a for-profit contemporary fashion brand that aims to raise awareness of the possibilities in Africa and encourage the fashion community to do business there.

When planning Edun's Spring 2011 fashion show, the label's co-founder Bono originally suggested an elaborate outdoor production with models that appeared to be emerging from the water. But he was reminded by Edun's new chief executive, Janice Sullivan, that they were supposed to be "having a fashion show. Show is the second word. Fashion is the first word." So they ended up staging Sharon Wauchob's first show for the brand in a semi-outdoor space, under the High Line, with gray sand and gravel beneath the models' feet.

Edun's mission statement was originally to manufacture in Africa, but logistics caused deliveries to be late — a no-no — and now most of the clothing is manufactured in China, with Africa currently alotted 15 percent of the total production; label co-founder Ali Hewson says she wants to see that number increase each season. Wauchob was brought in to make the clothes more fashionable, Hewson explained: "We focused too much on the mission in the beginning. It's the clothes, it's the product. It's a fashion company. That needs to be first and foremost."
As a front row populated by Dasha Zhukova, Gavin Rossdale and son Kingston, and Jeff Koons looked on, Wauchob sent out white cotton shirts (the fabric fair-trade and produced in Uganda), ecologically sound "by product" leather skirts, belts handmade in Kibera, Kenya, and long dresses trimmed with recycled metal.

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