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I am not a hoarder, I am more sentimental. I see things as all having a story. Including clothes. I will never be and have never been a minimalist person. My room is a mix. and relates me in every possible way. The general theme is blue and white the rest is a tiny explosion of colour of and memories. (The walls still have loads of space, I have learnt renting a flat and leaving prestick stains is not a wise move, although , I did discover my love for the ability of using a hammer and nails to hang various mirrors and shell hearts and paintings.)

But with a new year approaching and the reality of the REAL working world I decided to do a major spring clean... Well three days later its done! (sort of) I started on draws and general room cleansing. I had no idea for a girl who only wears eyeshadow on stage that I had accumulated a vast amount of the stuff! Along with various other items that haven't seen the light of day in years. A small pharmacy has made its way into my draws along with tablets old enough to land you in hospital. The general chucking out process is cleansing and worrying all at once! How did I accumulate this stuff?? and what do you throw and what do you give away?

Then came the cupboard. I moved into my flat with two other people a year ago. The most attractive feature is the fact that I have a big room! Bliss! In my whole life and four moves in Cape Town I have yet to have a big room or enough cupboard space! Until now! I already have a bookshelf straining with classics so it only seemed right to stuff my new found cupboards with every item of clothing I own! Draws, shelves and shoe space oh ,oh ,and having space and a sturdy rail plus top cupboards! Oh the joy! (perk of living in an old flat) So I decided it was time, to attach the clothes. SIGH

After much deliberation with various parties about clothes cleansing, One friend suggested "if you have not worn it in a year its got to go!" Another, " If t doesn fit it wont ever, chuck it" "Don't hold back, you have to let go, its time" oh boy did I let go. With my heart racing an y pulse rising I got stuck in! Sweaty and panicked I reassured m clothes and shoes I loved the but there new owners would love them too I just needed to move on. Good by to old gym gear, good buy to jeans that have lost there fit, clothes that I haven't worn in ages and things that I have worn to death over at least 6 years (yip that long) an various other items (some I don't fit into hock horror, overindulgence at Xmas). For me it was hard I wont lie, I cherish things dearly. But by the of it I had a large pile on my bedroom floor. Feeling a little over excited and overwhelmed and rethought the pile and pulled a few items that shal be died black and restored to the much cleaner, much more coordinated cupboard that is now colour coded and runs from Long tops to tee's and dress, heavy to light wear.

Today my friend cae round and went through the three black bags and this evening my flatmate called it an earlyxmas and this was the best feeling! I love knowing that hings that gave me so much joy and pleasure to wear will now go to someone who will make it work for them or create a new feeling an sense for them. What ever friend don't want will go to charity and one that I have supported for years. The appreciation the express for al things that arrive on there door step makes you stop and have a reality check. Hold onto what you love and let go some of it for others to love too.

So the room has been empty along with the cupboard but they will hopefully fill someone else's soon and give them some special love too.

BY: Natalie Leicher

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