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After a very hectic turbulent year, with lots of tears and drama, laughter and smiles, losing friends gaining new ones, coming to some heard realisations, saying goodbye to lots of special people through out the year, finishing college, coping with a multitude of things and learning a lot about myself and others, the best way to stop and realise how much I have to be grateful for was a trip up Table Mountain.

Yip I have lived in Cape Town for 11 years and never been up! As luck would have it every time I have wanted to go up, there has been the weather problem, bad organisations etc etc! So Imagine the excitement when I got given a surprise! A trip up Table Mountain. Standing in the line I felt like a real tourist in my own home city. The trip up the cable car makes you realise the sheer magnitude of the beautiful mountain, the construction of the cable car and the slick impressive way the whole operation is run.

So it turns out I witnessed something truly amazing. The beautiful blanket of could chilling over the Camps Bay side of the mountain. Its breath taking and spectacular. Sitting in this gorgeous quiet splendor I took a moment to reflect on this year. I am without a doubt a truly blessed young women. While so many people we know are sick with illness, have suffered great loss, gone through things worse than us, we forget to reflect on the good things that we have an revel in the gratitude. Through the hardship this year I realised that there are some amazing people in my life, who have supported me, been there and given my both strength and faith in myself. The people in your life should be there for you at your worst to be able to experience you at your best and mine truly have. So sitting on top of the world I took a moment, a moment to be grateful for all that I have and all that I have been given, for my friends , family, people who have joined me in my life this year, people who have inspired me, opportunities that I have been given and faith and hope that I have restored in myself.

We live in a beautiful country and an unbelievable place, full of life and opportunity, I sat on top of the world breathed in Cape Town and all its beauty and breathed out all that has gone on this year. Big puffy clouds and sparkling sunlight on the ocean might not be able to solve world piece and take away all the drama of life, but it did make me stop and think. It was indescribable beauty!

No matter what we go through in this life we will come out of it, better, stronger, wiser and ready to take on anything.

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