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I am so proud of this shoot! Yhe first two pics were published in Design Times Magazine this month. I have blogged about it before, but I willl say it again! This was a very very special shoot, as it involved a great group of people who are alll friends and eager to support and help each other grow in there respected areas! This was my first shoot and it was slightly stressful! But it pulled together so well! We were given totaly freedom on this shoot! The art director, Ryan Ali and I were told we could do what ever we wanted with this  shoot! So of course our mutual love for sneakers played a huge role! I just adore the look of sneakers and dresses, I think its cheeky and modern with a relaxed old school feel. As much as I love heels I must say I find sneakers to be the rebellion and they bring a slight edge and grounded power to a beautiful women. The black dress is by MARI AND ME, a new hot boutique in Sea Point. The Gold dress is by a friend of mine Samantha Bailey and she hand made the whole thing! I love her attention to detail and her willingness to experiment and let her creative juices flow! The sneakers are from TRAFFIC in town. I walked in saw them, and bam pics were sent out and the decision was made! The venue belongs to Daniel Holland, young owner of YOURTRULY DELI in Long street. The team was amazing! Photographer Joseph Ou and Assistant photographer and lighting man Darryn Van Der Walt, provide real professionalism and a knack for taking amazing pics! Natural Talents Alex and Dominique show the relaxed and beautiful structure of the pics, while Claire Hills rocks the make up with perfect lips and smokey eyes! Well done team and here is to lots of work in the future!

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  1. Nice work... I shot the cover for the same issue of Design Times. I heard that the shoot went well.