by - 10:33:00 AM

For those of us in Cape Town it seems the weather is playing with our emotions! It really is the place where you can experience all seasons in one day! But alas, summer awaits! we have already had a small taste of those glorious day's one Clifton or Camps bay beach! Soaking up the unforgiving sun, layering on the not-so-strong sun factors ( try NIVEA SPF 30) listening to the conversations going on two towels down, heading for the sea complaining that its bitterly cold but in the end still getting so hot that you cant resist that icy ocean. Long summery days await with sunsets, summer dresses and friends. Somehow Cape Town comes alive! Everyone comes out of hibernation! If your not a beach person like I am, you will probably be enjoying pool days and cocktails at caprice, and yes Cape Town is the place to be! I have trips partly up the coast, long stretches of white sands, semi warm water and good company to look forward to. Maybe even a new bikini

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