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Two Sundays ago I had the pleasure of styling Xamira a dutch Model residing in CT for season. This was a test for her book. We wanted to make the "beach girl look" slightly editorial but also fun and relaxed. The photographer, Joseph Ou and the amazing make up Artist Claire Hills are both friends of mine who I have been fortunate enough to work with on a few tests. Its great to work as a team and have people around you that you are comfortable with! Needless to say the weather was playing tricks and had us all blowing about. Not to mention waste and knee deep in jeans in the freezing ocean! But it was all worth it. It was great for me to experience styling beachwear and how accessories can also play apart, especially on head shots and cloth ups. I also did the models hair as a lot of her book consists of natural loose hair pics. I used commercial wear as well as a vintage lace piece and necklaces that I had made. The day was a great success and a fantastic experience!

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