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AAAA The love for shoes. Its this strange obsession. A growing obsession! I found myself in Adidas the other day cradling a pair of mid plain black high tops. I stood there for a moment and let out a small reassuring whisper  that at someone point I would be back to but the beauties! my friend who was with me was of course, in hysterics. Talking to shoes? that's not crazy that's devotion! :) I was lucky enough to work on my first styling job recently. Design Times gave a team of use ( Art director, photographerher, lighting man and make up artist) a chance to do a shoot for the mag. this was by far a huge deal for us all as we are all starting out in our various areas of passion and were keen to put it to the test! We shot at the amazing new YOURSTRULY DELI in Long street Cape Town on a warm sunny Sunday! The best part? The whole crew of us are all friends. We have all gathered together over months and years, some new to each other but all knowing one another. This just meant the vibe was amazing! The models looked gorgeous and the team was on fire! I was fortunate enough along with the Art director to choose the "theme". SO of course my sneaker love came in! We paired the models in high top sneakers from TRAFFIC in long street. The dresses where gorgeous, a short black number from MARI and ME in Sea point (New and super hot) and the second dress came from my friend who is a designer, Samantha Bailey, a gold statement full piece number! It felt truly awesome to see the whole team work together to produce such fantastic work and the result is mind blowing! If I manage to branch out more (and we are all hoping for a second shoot through the mag) then I would definitely like to use more young and up coming talent and there gorgeous creations. We have so much talent in this country and so much to offer the design and creative world. I got to share apart of it :)

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